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Botox Cosmetics

Botox Cosmetic is a non-surgical approach to help with deep lines on the Forehead, Crow’s feet and Glabella (between the eyes).  Botox restricts the muscle activity in those areas, reducing the appearance of deep resting lines.  Dr. Hinkson is pleased to offer Botox Cosmetics.


Things you should know about Botox:

  • We receive Botox in a vial that contains only powder.  This is maintained at a very cold temperature.  Once reconstituted, Botox label recommendations state the solution should be used within 24 hours.  Each vial contains 100 units of reconstituted solution.  
  • Botox effectiveness has several variables: Muscle structure, first injection, or time since last injection, are just some examples.   Your first injection may not last as long as subsequent injections (approx. 6-12 weeks vs. 3-6 months).
  • Results are not guaranteed.  We cannot determine how each individual will respond to Botox.  Our guarantee is that we will use only authentic Botox Cosmetics and you will only be billed for the units injected.    


Scheduling Botox in our office                                             

  • All individuals who want to have Botox injections must be an established patient with Dr. Hinkson.   

  • Botox appointments are generally scheduled on the 2nd Friday of every month in the morning.  These appointments begin at 9:00 am.   
  • Identify which areas you wish to have injected.  Each location has an average number of units for injection.  The actual number of units may be more or less than indicated.  The units listed are for female patients.  Male patients require more units to achieve maximum results.
    • Glabella (between eyes)           20 units
    • Forehead                                   16 units
    • Crow’s feet                                16 units
  • We accept appointments until we have a total of 100 units requested.  We reserve the right to change or cancel Botox appointments if the required number of units is not achieved.
  • Pricing for Botox is on a graduated scale.  The more areas you have treated, the lower the unit cost. 
    • One area                                  $12.00 per unit
    • Two areas                                $11.25 per unit
    • Three areas                             $10.50 per unit
  • A deposit is required at the time of scheduling and is non-refundable under certain conditions.  The deposit will be 50% of the total Botox charge and is payable by credit card only.  The balance will be due at time of injection. 
  • We will accept cancellations or rescheduling with a full refund or transfer of the deposit through Tuesday of the week of your Botox appointment. 

       Any cancellations or rescheduling after Tuesday will result in the loss of your



For more information on Botox, please visit BotoxCosmetic.com.