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Medical Identity Theft

Here is what we are doing to protect your Medical Identity.

  • We ask to photocopy your insurance cards AND drivers licence to verify your name and to have a photo ID on file.
  • We have restricted access to the medical charts.  They are not stored in open view to other patients.
  • Our practice software stores data off-site in a secure locaton.  We do not have tapes or disks that can be stolen. 

Here is what you can do to protect your Medical Identity.

  • If your purse is lost or stolen, call your insurance company.  Your insurance card is just as valuable as credit or bank cards.  Thieves likely will have stolen enough information in your purse or wallet to effectively portray themselves as you.
  • Review your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) forms when you receive them.  Make sure that the physician or facility listed and the dates of service match what you know to be true.  Ask questions if you are not sure if the charges are correct. 
  • Keep records of deductables and copays that you pay and verify with your insurance company those amounts. 
  • Notify your insurance company immediately if you find charges are being applied to your policy that do not belong to you.  Stop the errors before they get out of control.