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Tan Towels

What comes to mind when you hear 'Self Tanners'?  
You think of that lovely shade of orange, streaks, that awful smell
and the
stained clothes and mess. 

We are ready to change your mind about self tanners!

Tan Towels take all of the guessing and mess out of self tanning.  This self tanner is a pre-moistened towelette that contains the right amount of tanning solution.  Here's how it works.
The Solution:  The tanning solution is low odor and colorless.  The chemicals in Tan Towels react with the proteins in your skin.  The skin cells acutally change color!  There is no worry of staining clothes or waiting hours for the coloring to take.  As your skin cells fall away, the tan gradually lightens.  This solution does not cause you to turn orange, but gives you a natural looking color.

The Applicator:  This pre-moistened towelette allows you to apply the tanning solution evenly and minimizes the risk of leaving streaks or missing areas. 

The Result:  A great looking tan. 

PlusTan Towels offer two styles, Classic and Plus.  The classic is for fair to medium skin tones.  We have found that the Classic gives the skin a healthy glow.  If you want just a very small amount of color, this would be great. The Plus is for medium to darker skin tones.  Plus seems to work better for tanning legs. 

We were skeptic at first.  But we're believers now and we want you to believe also!  For a limited time, try a Tan Towel 4 pack for just $9 (tax included).  You'll get 2 Classic and 2 Plus towelettes to try.



Tan Towels pricing

Classic Half Body        Box of 10 towelettes                $24.00
Plus Half Body            Box of 10 towelettes                $27.00

Special Offer: Buy 1 get 1 50% off 

Get half off your second box when you purchase two boxes of the same style together.   


A word about Tanning.....

There is no such thing as a safe tan that comes from any form of ultra-violet light.  Sunshine and tanning beds contain ultra-violet light (UVA and UVB).  These ultra violet waves have been shown to cause skin cancer, destroy collagen and elastin, and photoage your skin (how old your skin looks compared to how old you are).  The darkening of the skin is a direct response to the damage that is caused by ultra-violet rays.  Sunscreen should be worn daily (minimum SPF 15).  Protect yourself and your family from the damaging rays.  To watch a video that explains how ultra violet rays damage the skin, please visit our skin cancer section.